Complete Cabinet Resurfacing With Cabinet Hardware

If you have spent time and money in choosing the cabinets in your home, or if you are looking to renovate or redesign the cabinets in your home, then you may already know that cabinet resurfacing is a great way to do this and save money while you’re at it. However, there is one aspect of cabinet resurfacing that sometimes goes overlooked. The cabinet hardware is a vital part of the renovation that is sometimes not given the proper attention.

Cabinet hardware has an important function of allowing the cabinet drawers and doors to be easily opened and closed. However, there is also an aesthetic appeal to cabinet hardware. People choose the hardware in order to match the existing decor of the room or to help to create a new design of decor in the space.

Because there is such a wide variety of cabinet hardware, homeowners today have more options than they previously did when it comes to choosing theirs. Since cabinet designs vary from home to home, you will need to choose the one that you prefer the most. If you move into a home that does not have the cabinet design that you would like, it is fairly easy and affordable to renovate them but when planning your budget, you need to remember the cabinet hardware as well.

There are so many different types and styles of cabinet hardware out there that you are sure to find something to meet your needs. The real challenge lies in determining which one is best for you and your needs amongst the many types that are out there. Some research will help you to make this decision more easily.

Cabinet hardware can be anything from traditional and simple to ornate and highly detailed. While the style itself does not matter so much, what is important is making sure that the hardware you choose matches the type of cabinets that you have. What may seem like a small detail can actually be a very important piece to the overall look of the design of the cabinets.

It’s especially important that your hardware complement your cabinets when you go with a more decorative or ornate design. A plain and simple design or a contemporary look can work well with a simple but bold hardware piece. There are so many different combinations that you can choose to complement your cabinet resurfacing project and have the perfect options for you.

Useful Link:· Cabinet Hinges always a great inexpensive way to spruce up a kitchen resurfacing project and a must have to really complete your project. don’t forget to make sure to purchase hinges that match your new cabinet hardware. If your cabinets have concealed hinges this does not apply

Summerville, South Carolina New Construction Neighborhoods

The vast majority of homes for sale in Summerville are newer. The increased demand from home buyers in the last 5 or so years has resulted in new home communities popping up all through the area. If you’re looking for a newer home, this trend is good news! Buyers wanting new homes will have a much easier time finding what they want compared to buyers wanting older homes simply because there is a larger selection of homes more recently built. I’ve included below some of the most popular neighborhoods with new homes. All of these have a good selection of homes built since 2004.\r\n\r\nLegend Oaks is one of the larger communities in Summerville, so you’ll find subsections with homes dating back to the mid to late 1990s. However, the subsections with the newest homes are The Pointe, Palmetto Forest, Willow Pointe, Province, The Club. The first 2 subsections have by far the largest selection of newer homes for sale in Legend Oaks. The last one on this list has a lot of homes currently under construction as well as plans to build more.\r\n\r\nWescott Plantation was not really developed until after the year 2000, so this community is another main one that buyers consider if they’re looking for newer homes. Some of the newest subsections of Wescott are The Courtyards, Wheatstone, Woodlands, The Farm, Vistas, Birkdale, and Pine Valley Village.\r\n\r\nWhite Gables is much smaller than the 2 neighborhoods listed above, and buyers tend to really like the Charleston style of these. You’ll find good home designs, from Victorian to the Charleston single. The main drawback to this community is the average lot size, which also resembles downtown Charleston. These houses also have detached garages, which add to the Charleston look. However, some buyers want an attached garage for bad weather, convenience, etc. Most of these were built from 2002 to 2009.\r\n\r\nThe Ponds is Summerville’s newest community. Homes started being built about a year ago, so it is still in the very early phases of being developed. These homes are pricier, since it does not have anything under $250,000 right now. However, it will be a good master planned community with a great deal of space reserved for natural habitats. Some of these homes are also Green certified. When it’s completed, The Ponds will be one of the nicest neighborhoods in Summerville.\r\n\r\nBridges of Summerville has some of the most affordable new homes in Summerville. Prices right now start in the $140s. This neighborhood also has several mid-priced subsections, with prices going up to the low to mid $300s. These homes were built from 2003 to 2006.\r\n\r\nMyers Mill has some of the newest homes on this list. Most of the homes for sale in Myers Mill right now were built in 2008 or 2009, and you’ll find quite a few that are still under construction. These are also quite affordable, with prices starting under $150,000. Many of these homes are 1 story, so if you’re looking to cut down on the stairs, Myers Mill may be a good place to consider.\r\n

Cabinet Hardware Comes Front and Center

It wasn’t so long ago that cabinet hardware appeared to be a relic of the past. New Euro cabinet designs not only did away with the hinges, but the pulls and knobs as well. While this created a cleaner, more sophisticated look in the kitchen, it also robbed the home of a bit of its soul, as personality became secondary to clean lines and hidden features.

Thankfully, designers and builders have taken a second look at cabinetry, returning to the days when cabinet hardware wasn’t only visible, but used as a design element as well. This partially explains the huge selection of pulls, knobs, back plates, drawer glides and hinges on the market these days. There are literally tens of thousands of choices, which can be a bit bewildering to a homeowner contemplating an easy facelift in the kitchen or even bathroom.

Replacing cabinet hardware is one of the easiest things anyone can do to give their home an entirely new look. Depending on the type of hardware you choose, it can also be one of the least expensive remodels you can do and can be completed over a weekend.

When looking at new cabinet hardware, you want to start by looking at the cabinets you have now or the ones you are about to purchase. Cabinets all use different styles of hardware. For example, if your current cabinets have hidden hinges you may not be able to retrofit them with hinges that are visible, as the cabinets themselves aren’t set far enough apart to accommodate them.

So start by looking at the cabinets you have now and see how they can be refitted without having to do a lot of retrofitting. One of the easiest things to do is to change out the pulls with new pulls or knobs with new knobs. When working with pulls, you do need to be aware that not all pulls are the same width so you may not be able to match the bolt holes exactly. Knobs are the easiest to replace because you’re only matching one existing hole, not two as with pulls.

Assuming that a switch out is fairly simple, you want to give the most consideration to the style of cabinet hardware you want. These days you can go in nearly any direction you want to and it’s easy to get carried away. While it may be fun to add Wild West or nautically inspired hardware to your kitchen because you enjoy these looks, the cabinets themselves may not support the hardware. Every kitchen has a set style, whether it’s country, Provincial, modern, transitional, rustic – and it’s important that the cabinet hardware you are choosing supports the style of the cabinets you have. Otherwise they will look out of place and your kitchen décor will look uneven.

If you’re ordering new cabinets but haven’t signed on the dotted line yet, you may want to talk to your home improvement store, contractor or cabinet maker about your options. This is especially true if you have fallen in love with specific hardware and want to build your kitchen around a particular theme, color, trim or material. Nothing’s worse than writing a check out for a major remodel, only to find that your hardware, cabinetry and even colors are a mismatch.

As any designer will tell you, try twice and order once. Even if new cabinets are on the horizon, try out any hardware in your home first before you make a final decision, even if you have to use the old cabinets. Hardware can look perfect online or in the hardware store but once you start using it daily, you may find that it’s not quite what you thought it would be. Sure, the starfish knobs and sailboat pulls looked great for your beach cottage, but do you really want to spend the next 20 years pulling on a starfish to make the morning coffee? Live with your choice for a while before you finally make a change throughout the kitchen.